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Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms

Marijuana withdrawal symptoms can affect people’s health on the second to the tenth day after people quit consuming marijuana. As it is literally defined, ‘withdrawal’ means the collective symptoms that occur once a drug is withdrawn, then this is supposed to be the physical or health signals that shows the impact of consuming marijuana. Based on some research, marijuana withdrawal symptoms consist of some types which are actually similar to smoking tobacco.

It includes irritability, depression, headache, anger or bad temper, anxious feeling, restlessness, lack of appetite and weight loss, and problems in sleeping. Marijuana withdrawal symptoms firstly occur in the first 8 days or 10 days right after stopping the marijuana consumption. These withdrawal symptoms are noticeable by behavioral and emotional distress. The most common marijuana withdrawal symptom is that anxiety feeling. Unfortunately, this is not too easy to be cured even though it has been built some kinds of happy feeling, warm and cozy condition and other good things. It is because actually the remedy itself internally comes from people who suffer from it. Then, problem while sleeping also frequently occur. Even some experienced a disturbance in sleeping that could only sleep for about 4 hours in 60 hours.


Moreover, commonly marijuana addicted people have crazy nightmare in the first couple of week after quitting marijuana. Despite marijuana sometimes creates a lot of pains, in fact, not all people who consume it happen these marijuana withdrawal symptoms.

How To Cure Marijuana Withdrawal Sypmtoms

Marijuana withdrawal symptoms are, though miserable, actually not really harmful and serious according to medical and pharmacological proven. However, it is still prominent to know the treatment of easing and handling the symptoms. Exercise is the very first and basic way to reduce the severity of the marijuana withdrawal symptoms. Exercise can also help the fatigue body to get better rest by sleeping easier and also to stimulate the appetite so that people will be no longer loss in weight. According to some professional, another way can be the saunas. People can go to sauna so then they can relax their mind and body. Finally, it results in the better feeling to reduce any anxiety or depression. In case, you cannot deal it by yourself, you can call and get the professional help for handling you marijuana withdrawal symptoms.